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About Us

About Lewis Historial

The law protects the rights of the poor as well as the rich. The history of lawyers is quite similar to the evolution and history of mankind. Like the strong relationship between trees and fungus, lawyers and humans are also interlinked.

Lawyers born 30 years ago may not realize that the legal profession like today did not always exist. Nowadays, lawyer time tracking software or legal calendaring are highly popular. The legal profession has been subjected to booms and declines many times. No one exactly knows who was the first lawyer in the legal history but we know that there were some successful ancient lawyers who are an inspiration to the today’s lawyers.

Did you know when did the lawyers first start practicing in the US? It’s important to understand that the history of US lawyers is filled with fluctuations. In order for a society to need lawyers, there must be some kind of advancement. This means that the ancient lawyers didn’t immediately appear in the US when the British colonies were established. And many people in the colonies were intimidating to lawyers. Some British colonies outlawed lawyers. As the British colonies started thriving financially, the need for lawyers began to increase. Majority of lawyers were untrained at that time and a client was taking a risk on hiring the lawyers for their cases. In Massachusetts, no special training was required to be a lawyer until 1761. And new rules were imposed when the bar formed an association. The bar also created some professional ethics that all lawyers were supposed to follow.

Eventually, the legal profession began to gain respect and value. 26 out of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence were lawyers. Lawyers were being trained in courts to handle simple as well as complex cases. Since 1850, many small law schools were established by US lawyers paving the way for aspiring lawyers to receive the education they needed to practice. Today’s lawyers need to earn an undergraduate degree before moving forward to receive their J.D. Some aspiring US lawyers choose an LLB as their undergraduate degree while others choose something different. In any case, one needs to know about the history of the legal profession and its growth. In the long history of the legal profession, leading lawyers have recognized the public obligations to open paths to legal services for people who can’t afford access to justice.