Creating a sense of place

For an urban area:
  • Distinctiveness of inner cities and historic character
  • Cultural amenities not available elsewhere (museums, sports teams, restaurants)
  • Lifestyle - concentration of people with the same demographics and similar interests and acceptance of diversity
  • Community pride in neighborhood (associations)

For a folk culture area:
  • Preservation of an area
  • Desire with folk culture is to maintain an area (not change over time)
  • Use a folk culture area and its unique qualities to gain tourists
  • Folk culture provides a sense of identity
  • Churches, cemeteries and burial rites, unique and local architecture all go with changing the landscape for folk culture

For a pop culture area:
  • Tends to create a uniform landscape
  • Placelessness
  • Similar forms of buildings - malls and skyscrapers
  • Chain restaurants and stores
  • Does not create a sense of place