Cattle Ranching
-done over an extensive area
-in MDCs, it is practiced on land where vegetation is too sparse or land too poor for vegetation
-first brought to the US by Columbus
-Spaniards and Portuguese taught it to the US citizens
-expanded due to the demand for beef on the east coast back in the 1860s
-slaughtered in Chicago
-trains made it possible to get it back to the east coast
-cattle trails were from grazing areas to the nearest rail line to ship them to market
-US government made land private and farmers and cattlemen fought over land in the 1800s
-today cattle companies lease land form the US for grazing (60%)

Changes // more commercial
-today it is in fixed locations
-previously used longhorn cattle which were susceptible to disease and the meat was not as good as today
-they switched to Hereford cattle which required fixed location
-these cattle could not survive long trail trips but their meat was better and they were less prone to getting diseases
-slaughterhouses are now closer to the grazing areas (also cheap labor and land out there as opposed to Chicago)
-today it is more corporate in terms of ownership
-today cattle are fattened before slaughter and do not go out to graze as much