Syllabus Lewis

Grading Scale

90 and above is an A.
80 to 89 is a B.
70 to 79 is a C.
60 to 69.
Below is a 60 is an F.

Required Materials

In this class you will be required to have the following items:

  • Access to a computer
  • Notebook
  • Textbook
  • APHG Crash Course Book
  • Pens, Pencils, Paper for Class

Grading System

Tests are worth 40 percent of your grade. Homework is also worth 40 percent. The final is worth 20 percent. Each Assignment is worth a predetermined number of points. Small assignments are usually worth around ten to thirty five points and large assignments are worth anything from thirty six to seventy points. Points are then totalled and their percentage of the maximum assessed to arrive at your grade. Also Note:

  • Late work will have 20% deducted for each day late.
  • 4 days late is the maximum.
  • Test must be made up in a timely fashion.
  • Failure to make up a test in a timely fashion and will result in zero.

Submission of Work

  • Papers that are torn or have frilly edges will be deducted points or not accepted.
  • Name, Date, Period, and assignment title must be on every page.
  • Make up work must be turned in on the day of your return (excepting prolonged absences).
  • Do not submit work in either my mailbox or via email without my approval.
  • Assignments can be turned in typed or written except for AP Essay Assignments and chapter notes which must be handwritten.
  • Highlight relevant vocabulary words or concepts.


We do sign permits in this class but because this is an AP class we do have some prerequisite requirements before we sign. All students must turn in any work due the day of a permit and be ready for work when they get back to class. All students must turn in or notify us of their permits two days in advance. Any students with an average below a C cannot leave on a permit. And finally, the week before the AP exam, we will exercise extreme prejudice against permits. Please note that if you miss class for any reason without my permission, you have cut my class. No other teacher can excuse you from my class without my prior consent.

Discussion and Work

We do require class participation. You can participate online via the blog or in class. We also have high standards when it comes to homework. We expect you to understand the concepts that go along with this class. You need to use vocabulary from the text and notes in your homework answers. We expect answers to be developed and for you to cite material from the text and to put that material into your own sentences using your own words to show us that you fully understand the material.

Academic Integrity

Any form of cheating is not tolerated in this classroom. if your homework is found to be identical to that of another student, your highest grade will be proportional to the number of people with identical work. Two people can only get fifty percent, three would be thirty-three percent and so on. if you are caught cheating on an exam or quiz, you will fail that exam or quiz. If caught twice you will fail that exam or quiz as well and also face a deduction in you final grade for the class (up to 5 percent).

Tardiness and Absences

Avoid being late to class. You will not be allowed to make up a quiz if you miss one. You will have points deducted from work turned in that day; and you will start having points deducted from your final grade after five times of tardiness. School policy is followed in regards to absences and cuts. Cut once and I have the option of lowering your grade five percent. Cut twice and you could be facing a ten percent deduction in your final grade along with a loss of any points from work due those days.