Wiki Regional Diet and Food

LDC Agriculture - Location

  • Subsistence in very LDCs
  • LDC is a local market and nearby farmers
  • Not much variety in food
  • Affects location of farm types (von Thunen)

MDC Agriculture - Location

  • Food is more likely to come from a distance.
  • Bigger variety is possible.
  • Not local (infrastructure, refrigeration, corporate)
  • There is a local food movement because is not local

LDC Farms

  • Access to water may be an issue -infrastructure issues
  • Lack of refrigeration, preservatives -family owned
  • Small, mixed (polyculture) farms -often labor intensive
  • labor intensive also includes cash crops and plantations
  • More susceptible to environmental issues -Green Rev is split (not Africa)
  • Home Consumption
  • High percentage of people farm
  • Market farms outside the cities (in city models)
  • Plantations (MDC and corporate but exist in LDCS for cheap labor)

MDC Farms

  • Factory farms (meat)
  • Farm size = megafarms (monoculture)
  • Synthetic, chemical fertilizers
  • Hormones
  • GMOs
  • Suitcase farmers
  • Industrial agriculture
  • Commercial - Agribusiness
  • Truck farms
  • Low percentage of people farm
  • Corporate farms are less likely to practice sensitive land management

Regional Farming

  • Highest percentage of subsistence farmers
  • Water issues
  • Politically unstable
  • Landlocked
  • Lack of Protein

  • Asia and Latin America
  • Benefitted from Green Rev
  • Increasingly urban and increasingly corporate (more Latin Am)
  • Increasing meat consumption - ranching in southern South America

  • America
  • High meat consumption
  • High calorie consumption
  • Processed foods and Corporate farms
  • Food is a low percentage of the average income

  • Japan and Europe
  • More meat than LDCs but more fish than America consumes

Problems with Agriculture in LDC

    Why do the LDCs have problems with developing farms
  • Malthus and Neo-Malthusian ideas apply
  • Water, desertification, resource crisis issues
  • Politically unstable (Africa)
  • Disease in some countries
  • Rural and a lack of infrastructure
  • Green Rev did not apply to Africa
  • Lack of a middle class with money / ability to finance farm development in some countries
  • Corruption within their governments