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  • Most African countries are in stage 2 of the demographic transition. The demographic trap, malthus theory and the issue of stage 2 apply..
  • The area is also one of the poorest areas in the world and since many people are subsistence farmers they are susceptible to food prices and environmental issues and changes.
  • prolonged droughts.
  • areas struggling with conflict and internal displacement such as Somalia
  • food prices that are near the record high levels
  • lack of infrastructure
  • population growth
  • infrastructure issues cause a lack of potable water
  • simple farming techniques and soil conditions make it difficult to farm enough in many countries within Africa
  • short lifespans, disease and a high youth population make it difficult to maintain a trained labor force
  • government corruption
  • Africa's years of wars, coups and civil strife are responsible for more hunger than the natural problems that befall it.
  • HIV/Aids depriving families of their most productive labour.
  • A decline in soil quality and subdividing land makes land less productive